Ultimate Tic Tac Toe


Ultimate Tic Tac Toe involves playing 9 mini Tic Tac Toe games with two players: X and O.
Anytime you click on a tile in a mini-game, the next player must select a tile in the mini-game that correponds to that tile in the larger ultimate game.
For instance, if Player X selects the top left tile of the middle mini game, Player O can then select any valid tile in the top left mini game.
If the top left mini game is already complete then Player O can select any tile from any mini-game that is in progress.
To win a mini game, you must place your letter in three tiles in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally).
To win the ultimate game, you must win 3 mini games in a row.
Player X goes first. Please click on any tile to begin.

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